A Leading Skin Care and Acne Clinic in Australia: Skin Matrix

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Welcome to Skin Matrix, a leading skin care and Acne clinic in Australia. Based in Bondi Junctionand Newcastle, the clinic was founded over a decade ago by Sarah Wilkinson, whose passion for cosmetic chemistry and history of acne led her to develop Skin Matrix and its skin care range. The clinic specialises in offering skin care treatments, specifically treatments to assist with anti-ageing and acne. Our brand philosophy is simple – to help individuals understand their skin and to use this knowledge to choose the best skin care products for their needs. We do this by combining some of the best of what Mother Nature has to offer with the most advanced scientific formulations, which will result in the healthiest, most radiant looking skin. Understanding that Skin Health is not just what you put on your skin, but what we do holistically as well. Stay tuned for many Health Brands coming over the months to Skin Matrix.

Skin Matrix stocks some of the top rated skin care brands in the industry, including its own Skin Matrix products as well as ASAP, Socrete, Invisible Zinc, SkinMedica, Naked Tan, Cosmedix, Aspect, Rejuva3, Teen Aspect, Eco Tan, Wrinkles Schinkles, Jane Iredale, Osmosis, PCA Skin, Colorescience, Young Blood, Coconut Tree Hair Products, Black Chicken Remedies, PPC Herbs and more. Skin Matrix offers a wide variety of skin treatments from which to choose, ranging from facial therapies and anti-ageing treatments to skin needling, microdermabrasion, IPL rejuvenation, and CACI treatments. The experts at Skin Matrix know the importance of healthy, flawless skin, and therefore make use of the most nourishing ingredients enriched with vitamins and minerals for the best results.

Skin Matrix: https://www.skinmatrix.com.au

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